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Finding a Comfort Zone

Now that the Pirates have three weeks under their new coaching staff, how are they adjusting? Is it be confusing for the players as they adapt to another new system and staff? Will they have to learn to hit a certain way? Pitch a certain way?

Baseball, at least if its coached properly is different than a sport like football. Take a quarterback, for example. If a new head coach comes in with a new offensive coordinator, there will be a whole new game plan, playbook and perhaps even instructional philosophy and that could really make it hard on a QB. A lot of studying, memorizing and maybe even a change in the way he plays.

In baseball, from what I have seen and heard from Clint Hurdle, he is here to improve. Not change, unless needed.

Hitting-wise, there may be some tweaks here and there to improve a player’s swing, but there will be no cloning like some amateurish instructors like to do. Hurdle will implement a more aggressive style on the base paths but again, that will not be a major adjustment to the offense.

The only real adjustment should be on the pitching side, and that will be a welcome change.

Former pitching coach Joe Kerrigan was a real stickler for information; perhaps way too much information. Information-overload of it. At times, that resulted in making pitchers try to be something and someone that they were not.

Keeping pitching coach Ray Searage was a great move. As Searage said in last month’s PSR,  “I cut out a lot of over-information.. .and basically kept it simple…. I wanted to make sure I don’t give pitchers too much information so it overwhelms them.”

He also stated that he expects his starters to go nine innings and throw 120-plus pitches.

Finally! A coach that does not make the game of baseball tougher than it already is!

All in all, I don’t think it will be a hard adjustment at all for this team. I expect to see a more aggressive, fundamentally sound team.

And most importantly, a better playing team.

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