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On the Dugout Steps with Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke

Ron Roenicke was named Milwaukee Brewers manager in 2011 and became just the fourth manager to lead the team to the postseason. PSR Pirates beat writer Nate Barnes caught up with Roenicke when the Brewers visited PNC Park last month.

On if one can explain the success of the Brewers against the Pirates since 2007
No. I think sometimes it’s just strictly match-ups. Some team matches up better with the other, and sometimes it is the success you have over time and the confidence you have coming into a place.

On the development and talent of Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen
When he’s hot I don’t want to pitch to him, and he looks like he’s hot. So he’s just a great hitter, and when he’s not chasing pitches you can’t get him out in the strike zone. He’s going to do a lot of damage.

On McCutchen’s 12th-inning walk-off home run to beat the Brewers May 14th
That pitch he hit was a good pitch, there’s not too many guys who can take a pitch low and outside and hit it. And it’s discouraging as a pitcher when you think you make a good pitch on somebody and they hit a home run off you. I know guys feel that way about [Ryan] Braun.

On development of young Milwaukee shortstop Jean Segura thus far
Last year we jumped him up from double-A to the major leagues; that’s not an easy jump. And by the end of the year the average started coming up. He goes out to winter ball and leads the Dominican League in hitting, and he carried that out into spring training and through the season so far.

On prior experience with Segura in Anaheim before Roenicke and Segura arrived in Milwaukee
I never saw him, I don’t ever remember ever having him over in camp. We usually bring a couple of guys over from the minor leagues each day and I don’t remember seeing him.

On how the Brewers and Pirates stack up in the National League Central
We’ll see. We’re not playing good enough ball right now to figure out where we’re going to end up. We see the teams that we’re playing, we know the two teams with Cincinnati and St. Louis obviously they’re going to be good coming into the season. Obviously Pittsburgh these last two seasons, halfway through the season they’ve been a great team and we know that we’re going to battle every time we face them and we know the more experience that they have and the more guys get comfortable with the winning atmosphere which they’ve created, that’s going to run on longer than half a season and it should take them to the end. They’ve got a very good team.

On the Pirates’ chances of avoiding a late-season collapse similar to those of 2011 and 2012
I look at how well-rounded the team is and I think with the bullpen shored up in the eighth and ninth inning, they’ve got a very good team and I think they’re going to be in it until the end.

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