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SHOWDOWN: The Tim Tebow Hype

Will Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow Ever Win an NFL Playoff Game? “OF COURSE,” says Tim Benz of The X Morning Show

I don’t even think it’s a question. I suppose there are some obvious possibilities that could derail Tebow before he tastes postseason success. He could suffer a career ending “Tebowing” injury if he turns his back to a runaway equipment cart in Dallas. He could be lured down a sinning path by an evil serpentine temptress like Lindsay Vonn. Or the Lord could smite him if he starts Tebowing to a false idol, such as John Elway (pillars of salt don’t scramble very well you know).

But short of anything cataclysmic like that happening, it’s a no-brainer to say Tebow will win a playoff game someday. And who knows. Maybe it’ll be this year. Someday real soon. Like maybe even at home versus the Steelers this year perhaps? Come on, Black and Gold fans. Admit it. You’re just a bit leery of the mystique of Tebow Time in Denver aren’t you?

There are four obvious reasons as to why Tim Tebow will win a playoff game eventually. And Steeler fans are intimately familiar with these reasons. They are:

  1. Bubby Brister
  2. Tommy Maddox
  3. Mark Malone
  4. Kordell Stewart

All four of those legendary Steeler quarterbacks won a playoff game. Why couldn’t Tebow? Heck, two of them almost won AFC Championship games. It doesn’t really take much to win an NFL game. Just look at the Seahawks last year. Denver is a good enough franchise that it’ll probably build up again from the wayward era it has been in lately. They aren’t the Browns or Bengals, after all. And even if Tebow doesn’t get that postseason win there this year and is eventually replaced as a QB down the line in the Rockies, he could always sneak in and get a postseason victory as a back-up somewhere else, ala Frank Reich.

It doesn’t take as much to back into at least one random playoff win as people think. The better question would be: Will Tebow ever win a Super Bowl? That seems to be a little bit more up for debate. But a getting playoff game under his belt, to me, is a lock.

Tim Benz hosts The X Morning Show on 105.9 FM weekday mornings from 6-10.

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