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Top 10 worst Pittsburgh Pirates losses in 2017

The 2017 Pittsburgh Pirates season had more than its fair share of ups and downs. So today, let’s take a look back at some of the most heartbreaking losses of the season.

If you’re a Pittsburgh Pirates optimist, you can check out the list of the top 10 wins from this season over at Pirates Breakdown (http://piratesbreakdown.com/2017/10/06/pittsburgh-pirates-2017-top-wins/). But for now, let’s revel in self pity as we look back at the 10 games that sent us to bed angry.

10. April 10: Reds 7, Pirates 1

Tyler Glasnow’s first start as a permanent member of the rotation went terribly, allowing five runs and five walks while only getting five outs. Glasnow had a rough spring, but there was still optimism surrounding him because of his billing as a top prospect. While he can still live up to the hype, his rookie season was a disaster and his killed some buzz around him. This start set the pace.

9. April 5: Red Sox 3, Pirates 0, 12 innings

The Pirates opened the season with a reasonable shot at the playoffs. While the opening series in Boston would not have a large impact on those playoff dreams, taking a game or two from a World Series favorite would help validate those hopes. They ended up being swept, with the second game in Boston being the most disappointing.

Jameson Taillon’s seven inning shutout was wasted and the Pirates failed to get a runner to second base all night. Antonio Bastardo was tagged for the deciding three run home run in the twelfth to drop the Pirates to 0-2.

8. May 9: Reds 4, Pirates 3, 10 innings

Every team is going to throw away games they should have won. That’s the nature of baseball and a 162 game season.

But to lose on a throwing error by the pitcher? That stings.

Daniel Hudson’s season went from bad to worse in Cincinnati that night, botching a pickoff play that allowed the winning run to move into scoring position. Hudson took to Twitter afterwards, saying, “Can’t even throw the f***ing thing to 1st. Teammates deserve better. Coaches deserve better. Fans deserve better. I’ll be better.”

Hudson took another extra inning loss the next week as well, resulting in him starting to be phased out of high leverage situations.

7. June 6: Orioles 6, Pirates 5, 10 innings

I actually missed most of this game. The Pirates were out of town, so I took advantage of the night off by going to the movies with a friend. We grabbed a beer afterwards, where I tuned in during the ninth inning. Almost as soon as I started watching, Tony Watson blew the save by allowing a home run. Wade LeBlanc would end up taking the loss in the ninth.

Why would I casually mention what I was doing that night? Because…

6. June 7: Orioles 9, Pirates 6, 11 innings

…I went to the movies with another friend the next night, too. We grabbed a beer afterwards, where I tuned in during the ninth inning.

You see where I’m going with this, right? Same movie theater, same bar, same result. Watson allowed a dinger and blew the save and LeBlanc took the loss in extra innings. As Yogi Berra once said: “Deja vu all over again.”

5. April 24: Cubs 14, Pirates 3

After sweeping the Cubs on the road, the Pirates had a chance to validate that they could go toe for toe with the defending champs in Pittsburgh. That wasn’t the case. The Cubs lit Chad Kuhl up for nine runs in 1.2 innings of work and did not look back. Chicago would end up taking the series from the Pirates, who went 6-10 against the first place club from this point on.

4. July 23: Rockies 13, Pirates 3

While the Pirates were heating up in the division race at this point, they were also picking up ground for a potential wild card. Those dreams took a major step back when Ivan Nova tossed a clunker. This started a west coast trip from Hell that greatly impacted the Pirates’ playoff chances. Still, it wasn’t quite as bad as…

3. July 26: Giants 2, Pirates 1

This loss was sandwiched in the middle of a four game losing streak the Pirates had to the Giants and Padres right before the trade deadline. This loss was the worst, with Starling Marte misplaying a ball in the seventh that resulted in the game losing run. Trevor Williams six strong inning outing was squandered by the anemic offense, which clearly needed a replacement for the injured Gregory Polanco.

We can only wonder if Neal Huntington would have been more aggressive at the trade deadline if the Pirates had simply won these two series.

2. September 7-19 (sans September 11): Other teams- a lot of runs, Pirates- not as many

Like my best wins list, I’m cheating at No. 2 and putting in a handful of games. The season was over by this point, but there’s nothing enjoyable about losing 12 of 13; especially since they only scored three runs once and were shutout four times. There wasn’t much public outcry, though, because Pittsburgh was focused on the Steelers and Penguins. If there is anything worse than an angry fanbase, it’s an apathetic one.

1. August 18: Cardinals 11, Pirates 10

This was very, very close to being the best win of the year. The Cardinals took an 11-3 lead into the eighth inning, but the Pirates did not going quietly, rallying for five in the eighth and two in the ninth. Had they simply lost 11-3, this game wouldn’t be on the list, but raising hopes and dashing them stung more. Elias Diaz played the goat, getting thrown out trying to extend a double into a triple into the eighth and striking out to end the game in the ninth.

Had the Pirates won, they may have been able to carry some momentum down the stretch in August and stayed in the race. Instead, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

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